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Lauren and I have both been highlighting and heat styling our hair since high school and it always needs some extra TLC. Enter Drybar products! We both got hooked initially by the scent but these products are truly legit for taming and treating our hair. We have been getting blowouts at Drybar’s all over the country for years, so it’s been really nice to be able to use the products at home, too! We absolutely love the scent and high quality that their brand touts. Here are a few of our current favorites!

L’s Faves:

  • Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Moussean ultra-plumping spray foam that targets roots for instant lift and volume. She loves using it after she gets out of the shower- she just takes a few pumps and works it into her roots before blowdrying. 
  • Prep Rally– this is a mutual favorite of ours! It’s a fantastic primer that detangles AND provides heat protection before heat styling. My local Drybar recommended it for kids hair as well and it has saved me with my kids’ thick and unruly hair!
  • Detox Dry Shampoo– we can’t live without this dry shampoo! Their signature scent makes this a must- it absorbs all the oil in your hair making it feel fresh and clean, even on 2 or 3 day hair (or more, let’s be honest we’re busy moms!)

R’s Faves:

  • On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo– this is a must for my hair as I get a lot of product buildup on my hair and scalp. I use it once a week to really get my hair squeaky clean without stripping my color.
  • On The Rocks Lightweight Conditioner– the conditioner paired with the shampoo is a must! It works super well on my thick hair, especially after the long process of scrubbing and shampooing.
  • On The Rocks Charcoal Scalp Scrub– this is my new favorite way to wash! First, I use this scrub to remove any dead skin or flakiness on my scalp. Then, I follow up with the shampoo and conditioner. I see a difference in the feeling of my scalp immediately after using this!


I don’t want to forget one of my favorite beauty hacks- I call this my “Hair Appointment in a Can“. The Detox dry shampoo also comes in a Brunette version, and since I get highlights but have dark roots, I can use it to mask the line of demarcation I get between salon visits. I love having my highlights but they can be a pain to maintain, especially with a busy schedule and two little ones! I pull a few pieces from the top, lightly spray them with the dry shampoo, and voilá- no more unsightly growth line! Just be careful not to touch your hair much after application as the pigment can get on other surfaces.

I’m so happy to have a brand new Drybar right around the corner in OKC! I just might have to give in to their Barfly membership so I can treat myself to a few blowouts per month! Peace, love, and blowouts. Sounds about right to me! ♥ R


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